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Ink Crafters Critique

Imagine taking two years to write your novel, only for an editor to say it needs a full rewrite...

Get Feedback While You Write!

Hi! I´m Kristin!

AKA The Nonsense-Free Editor

I've been editing novels and memoirs full time for over 15 years now.

But the NUMBER 1 request I had in my in-box was for feedback DURING the writing process.

"I just need to know if it's good.

Am I on the right track?

Will anyone want to read this?"

Sometimes authors would pay me to edit their 100k-word novel, only to get the dreaded words: NEEDS A FULL REWRITE.

It's never fun, but I always tell the truth.

So I asked myself, what if I can fix those little issues before they become big ones?

What if other authors could join me and provide their unique insight as well?

InkCrafters was born!

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"I can already see how my writing has leveled up for my next novel!"

Glenna Rollins Riddle

Paranormal Mystery Author


InkCrafters Critique


The online critique group that gives you access to skilled authors and their knowledge, lets you POST and RESPOND on your schedule, and was designed with mobile in mind!


Do you want to see how it all comes together?

I made a walkthrough of exactly why I created this community and what it looks like when you post your work for review

How does it work?

the process


Introduce Yourself


Post Your Scene


Comment for Others


Make Friends

Dedicated spaces in the community to introduce yourself, your work, and drop your socials. We ENCOURAGE self-promotion so the group can support you!

A catchy title, a brief description, and a Google Docs link. 2000 words at a time. Up to 3 times a week. Imagine how much you'll improve!

Contribute your feedback to the other posts! What worked and what didn't? Would you keep reading if you'd bought this book? Your community members want to hear from you!

You'll find kindred spirits to keep you motivated as you write, who understand the struggles of being a successful author. Dedicated conversation rooms are so you can strike up conversations!

Why We're Different

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Access on Your Phone

Powered by, InkCrafters looks great in a browser, but can also be viewed solely from your phone. Posts, critiques, and communication... all in your hand!

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Respects Your Schedule

No Zoom calls or set times to work your schedule around. You can post when you have time and critique when you have time, ensuring you are alert and ready to interact

Efficient work with experts
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Expert Feedback

We have accomplished multi-book authors of varying genres, my own lengthy experience, and some new and mid-career authors. Every level of experience can find help and encouragement!

Kind words from our members


Military Scifi

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What I like about the group is the level of passion and engagement. There is a sense we're all rooting for each other, that we're vested in each other's success.


YA Fantasy

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InkCrafters has graduated my writing style from minor league to the professional level. This community is a necessity, not a luxury if you wish to excel in your writing career!



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I've been in 6 critique groups, some in-person and others through Zoom. InkCrafters is simply at a higher level than the others. It's inspiring (and fun) to be among like-minded artists!

Imagine 90 days from now....

A completed first draft

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An understanding of self-publishing

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A solid blurb for Amazon

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Getting clarity on your target reader

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Having a community of experienced authors

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All this and more is possible when you have access to the kind of guidance and advice most people have to pay thousands in coaching fees for.

Writers block


We've Got Your Back!


You know you can do this!

Level up your writing and learn to write better, faster first drafts to launch your author career into the stratosphere!


Frequently asked

What genres are welcome?

All genres are welcome! We have dedicated spaces for fiction and nonfiction, but may create dedicated niche rooms as we grow. If you write on the wild side, we ask that content warnings are included.

What if I Don't Use Microsoft Word?

We are a Google Docs shop, meaning Macs and PCs, iOS and Android all work well. It also means no need to upload or download documents. It's all in your browser!

What if I don't agree with the feedback?

YOU are the author, meaning if you get feedback that doesn't vibe with your style, then that's all good. We are here to support you and make you better, not turn YOUR book into OUR book :) InkCrafters is all about respect.



Pay month to month and cancel any time. More flexibility and a low price for access to a professional editor and published authors of varying genres



Go all in for a year and finish that book! A lower monthly price ($10) and the knowledge that you have a full of year of a community dedicated to improving every word you write.



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